Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Day of School 2012

And another year begins

Quick Update

Since it is now 2012 I felt I should do a quick update.  Both boys have the first month of this school year in the books.   Dixon is in Pre-K and loves every minute.  His favorite part is getting to ride the school bus and having o be in his booster seat.  Porter is in 3rd grade.  This year is going really well for him.  He loves everything except spelling and writing.  I am amazed at how quickly he learns new math concepts.  He definitely has his father's gift with numbers.  He also loves history.  Non-Fiction is his favorite type of book from the library.

Porter is also in braces.  This is phase One and is expanding his upper and lower jaw and correcting a cross bite.  He is being cooperative with all the rules and appointments thus far!  I am so proud of him.  It is great not to have an argument over this since he will have this first set for 14 months.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Week Two Brings New Challenges

It has been a long second week of school at our house.  My little second grader has been getting into trouble for talking too much and acting goofy in class.  Oh, this does not sit well with his parents.  I am hoping that the problem is more of it's a new school year excitement rather than foreshadowing our year to come.  After several discussions with him and a sit down with him and his teacher, he finished the week much better.  Whew...let's hope it lasts.

In case that wasn't enough excitement.....Matt gets to switch things up and go teach 1 class over at a middle school for this semester.  The middle school was short a teacher for their Ag class and Matt had a class with low numbers so his bosses thought the best solution would be to send Matt over to the middle school.  The only catch is that his low numbered class was last block and the middle school opening was 1st period.  To make this work, Matt's entire class load had to be dropped and reassembled but that was easier than messing up the entire 8th grade's schedules.  I would run for the hills at the thought of teaching 8th grade but Matt has taken the challenge with his normal laid back manner.  He is even looking at the positive in that he wants to get these kids excited about Ag and FFA so that they will want to be in his classes next year in high school.  Way to be a team player!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School has started.

Week One is down in the record books.  Porter started a week ago on Monday and Matt's students returned last Wednesday.  Porter and I were both ready for him to be back in school.  Life can be a little boring for him when I am home babysitting and not able to take him to the pool or park as often as he would like.  Porter's teacher this year was the reading instructor he had in 1st grade so he is excited for 2nd grade.  His two best buddies are in another class.  That is good and bad but I think he will make more friends quickly.  I just hope he continues to be 'good' in school.  I had some rough days with him over the summer in terms of his behavior.  I am sure part of it is just his age and my expectations aren't always realistic.  He seems to be enjoying reading more this year and that is always positive.

Matt has had a very interesting week.  For reasons beyond his control, he will be driving over to the middle school and teaching one class a day then returning to the high school to teach 2 other classes.  I personally couldn't think anything much more difficult than teaching 8th grade but Matt, always the team player, has had a good attitude about the situation.  He looks at it as a way to get the kids excited about FFA and hopes they will sign up for his classes next year when they start high school. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tubing Down the River

One day this summer we had a free afternoon and decided to drive up to Helen and go tubing down the river.  I had heard this was an affordable, fun family activity but had never tried it with our boys.  It was a nice sunny day so we weren't worried about the cool water of Helen.  What surprised us was that we spent almost as much time getting off rocks as we did tubing.  We were very glad we rented a stick/pole thingy to aid in pushing ourselves off some of the rocks.  During our trip down the river,  Porter kept "falling" out of his tube to play in the water.  Of course, I kept telling him not to do that because he was going to get hurt from all the rocks.  Can you guess what happens next?  He is out of his tube when we come to some swift water with massive rocks and he is banged up pretty good.  After we got the tears under control and finished the rest of the river, I told him that I knew where we could go tubing without any fear of  rapids and rocks and he could get off his tube and swim as much as he wanted.

Some of my fondest memories from my childhood involve tubing down the Ichetucknee River.   I remember the COLD water and black tire tubes.  We would swim in the head spring while Dad would take our car to the midpoint (South entrance) parking lot/picnic area.  I was so excited to take my boys and continue this summer tradition. 

I reserved a hotel for the weekend, packed a picnic and we headed south.  The kids were excited because they knew we would be staying at a hotel (isn't that always the case though).  I showed them some you tube videos to sort of let them know what to expect.  I knew from the website that we needed to show up at the state park early.  They limit the number of tubers at the north entrance to 750 per day but they allow about 2500 in through the south entrance launch per day.  We didn't just drive 5+ hours to miss out on half the trip down the river so, we were there early.   I was so excited.  It was a moment of such happy nostalgia for me.  I was a bit teary eyed as we pulled up.  We rented 2 person rafts rather than tubes.  I did this for a few reasons: #1-my Dad NEVER let us rent anything but the black tubes and I always dreamed of having my own raft, #2-I was secretly afraid that the water might be too cold now that I am a grown up and #3-I was concerned that Dixon might be too little for his own tube.   During our trip down the river we learned that Porter needs his own tube.  He was in the water almost as much as he was in the raft and having his own tube would allow him to get in and out without drenching his raft partner/Dad.  Dixon did get brave and started jumping out of the raft and swam along by the raft.

We exited the river at the midpoint launch for bathroom breaks and our picnic lunch.  Once we were refreshed we hit the river again to finish the last portion.  The boys swam a lot during the last part and we decided that instead of doing a second trip down the river(from the endpoint, they have a tram that takes you back to the midpoint and you can keep going down all day) we would just get back to the van and go back to the north entrance and swim in the head spring and check out blue hole spring.  We had some goggles in our swim bag.  It was amazing to look under the water at the fish, plants, springs and caves.  Matt and Porter really want to get snorkeling equipment for our next trip.  Dixon didn't want to leave but the poor kid was turning purple/blue and shivering.  Lucky for us, it started to thunder and we have a rule about leaving the pool when it thunders so they didn't argue when I said , "there's thunder, Let's go!"

Oh the memories!!!  I am already looking forward to our next trip!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A year can pass so quickly

So, summer is almost over! Porter starts school again in 2 weeks!! Our year flew by so fast and I didn't post any of it. That is pretty sad. I don't have time or energy to write about a whole year lost. I will simply recap by say we are doing okay and looking forward to another school year! I will try really hard to keep up with blog postings.

Porter will start 2nd grade. He has discovered a love for Legos. He can spend hours creating and playing with those little things. We spent a small fortune on them over the summer but decided it was money well spent.

Dixon is into anything that Porter likes. He wants to do everything just like his big brother. Whether it is good or bad...they are Pete and Repeat!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

1st Grade

Porter started 1st Grade on August 9th. He was soooo excited to be back in school that he couldn't sleep. He came into our room at 3am, fully dressed and asking if it was time for the bus to come. We were not too pleased and even less happy when his little brother woke up minutes later! Matt was a good sport and got up with both boys. I was much too grumpy for a pre-dawn breakfast and cartoons.
He needs to be outside waiting for the bus around 6:45 am....he was more than ready for the day at this point.

at last....the bus came and he was off!

This is what happened when Dixon crashed. He slept until lunchtime!